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Books of the Month  
Educated by Tara Westover. In this NY Times bestseller, the author recounts growing up in a family of survivalists, a bleak life with parents who distrusted doctors, and practiced herbalism. She first entered a classroom at 17, knowing nothing of the outside world. She barely managed to enter college, but through intense study went on to Harvard and Cambridge. An almost unbelievable story.
Rich People Problems by Kevin Kwan: Nicholas Young’s fabulously wealthy grandmother is on her deathbed. The entire Shang-Young clan rushes to her estate in Singapore to vie for the old lady’s massive fortune. The gathering of money-hungry relatives devolves into a hotbed of sabotage and scandal as it moves from elegant mansions in Manila to private islands in the Sulu Sea.
Split Second by David Baldacci: Michelle Maxwell has just wrecked her career with the Secret Service—she let a presidential candidate out of her sight for a brief moment, and the man vanished. Sean King sympathizes with Michelle. A candidate he was guarding was assassinated. How can they help each other?
The Waterworks by E.L. Doctorow: One morning in 1871, Martin Pemberton is walking down a street in Manhattan when a horse-drawn omnibus passes. He recognizes one of the passengers as his supposedly dead father. As the narrator, McIlvaine, relates Pemberton’s frantic search for his father, he also introduces us to a New York unlike any we have known, familiar yet strange.
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RETURN POLICY: Please return books to the table in the lobby or to the Library & Billiard Room on the second floor where you’ll find a selection of other books. No check-out, no check-in required.
DONATIONS: The Library seeks donations of recently published hardback or paperback books in good condition. Audio books and DVDs, board games and puzzles also are appreciated.
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