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Things You Should Know about Living at Le Rondelet
The following information is compiled from the Le Rondelet Management Corporation’s “Rules, Regulations & Policies” (R&R) of September 2011 and the “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions” (CC&R) as amended in 2010.  Please also see General Rules, Paragraph 3, R&R.
Cabana Rental Form
Moving in, Moving out
Homeowners or tenants moving in or moving out of Le Rondelet must make a refundable $250 deposit and obtain a copy of the "Moving Rules” from the Building Manager’s Office, provide a copy to their movers and return the signed form to the Office prior to commencing the move.  (Para. 6 (a) and (b), R&R)
The Service Elevator on the north side of the building is the only elevator to be used for moving or deliveries. No move-in/out or deliveries are permitted through the main lobby or center elevators.  (Para. 6 (c), R&R)
Moving hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Monday through Saturday. No Sunday or holiday moves or deliveries are permitted without prior Board approval. The moving owner, or tenant, is responsible for providing the Building Manager with the date and starting time of the move.  (Para. 6 (e), R&R)
The parking spaces in the garage are owned and deeded to homeowners and are not available for general parking.  Garage spaces may be used only for parking vehicles, and storage of bicycles against the wall or between pillars.  Vehicles must be parked nose-in.  Maximum speed in the garage is 5 mph.  (Article 5.29, CC&R, and Para. 11, R&R)
Pets at Le Rondelet
No more than two usual and ordinary household pets (exclusive of birds) may be kept in any living area.  Pets may not be heavier than 25 pounds at maturity.  The City of San Diego requires all owners and tenants to have their animals on a leash. Homeowners are responsible for any damage or cleanup required due to the actions of their pets.
Pets are only allowed in the Common Area while in the process of leaving or entering Le Rondelet and they must be carried, or be on a leash.  Pets may not be taken for a walk in the Common Area. Pets may not, under any circumstance, be allowed to relieve themselves inside the central courtyard. Owners and Tenants are responsible for cleaning up after their pets, which includes on Common Area grass outside the gates.  (Article 5.21--5.21.4, CC&R, and Para. 7, R&R)
Laundry Rooms
Laundry rooms are located on each floor adjacent to the central elevator lobbies.  Laundry rooms may be used from 6:00 a.m. until 11:00 p.m., daily, by homeowners and tenants.  Washers and dryers should be used with care and consideration of others.  Dryer lint filters should be cleaned after each use.  (Para. 13, R&R)
Drain Lines 
We need to use them, or they will deteriorate!  Run the water in all of your plumbing fixtures at least once a month.  If water does not run through cast iron piping, the cast iron begins to rust.  Rusted pipes are a leading cause of both cracks and clogs.  If you are not at Le R full time, then please have your housekeeper or a neighbor run water in all your water fixtures monthly. Do not use Drano, Liquid Plumber or similar drain clearing products; these products often cause as many problems as they solve.  If you are in need of a cleaning product, Le R has a commercial product that is recommend for our building, called D-Molish, which is enzyme-based and works well. Immediately report any drain back-ups, or gurgling sounds, to the On-Site Manager. 
Garbage Disposals
Use your garbage disposal sparingly and please avoid overstuffing it; garbage disposals are designed for small amounts of food.  These seem to be a simple device but there are a few things that we can do to help them work properly:
  > Scrape solid food waste into the trash and only use the disposal for minor food particles
  > Use cold water when running a disposal - cold water will cause fats and grease to become “thicker” and be chopped up better by the disposal
  > Run cold water and turn on the disposal before you add the food debris – this will ensure that the contents are properly ground up before entering our drain pipes
  > Do not put lettuce, corn husks, artichokes, celery, potato peels or other fibrous items down the disposal – they just don’t chop up very well
  > Run the disposal longer than you think you should run it to ensure that the food is well chopped up
  > Run the water for 30 seconds after you shut off the disposal to help wash the food grinds down the drain line
In-line Filtration Systems
All Reverse Osmosis Systems, filtration systems, or in-line filters must be installed to manufactures recommendations by a licensed plumber.  Remember to be extra careful about conserving water when using a Reverse Osmosis System.  The system only produces 5-15% of the water it intakes, discharging as waste the remainder.  Every gallon of water used can discharge down the drain between 4 and 18 gallons of water.
Water Shut-offs
You should know the location of your angle stops for kitchen and bathroom faucets, showers, and tubs – sometimes these shut-offs are located in an adjacent Condo.  If so, you should speak with your neighbor and have a plan to access that water shut off valve in an emergency.  The water supply to our Condos also have a master shut off for each stack – these are located in the garage and are used for emergencies, or for scheduled repairs.
Refrigerator Ice Makers
These are a common source of water leaks – you should check your water connections to the refrigerator regularly for leaks.  Experience has also shown that leaks also may result from the icemaker line warming up and then freezing, which can happen when the water supply to the ice maker is shut off for a period of time – this could result in ice forming in the water and cause a blockage, which could then resulting in a water leak. 
Hot Water in Cold Water Lines
If you experience hot water in your cold water lines, or even hot water in your toilet, there is most likely a “mixing valve” in your plumbing stack that is failing and allowing hot water into the cold water side; this requires our plumber to check out all the mixing valves in your stack, which is a slow process, so please report this issue immediately. 
Water Intrusion
Please immediately report any signs of water intrusion to the On-Site Property Manager.  The peeling or bubbling of your walls or ceilings may also be signs of water intrusion and should be reported as well.  Below are some pictures of signs of water intrusion.  We keep a moisture meter in the office and we can immediately check for moisture in the walls.
Water Alarms
Sinks and showers can overflow due to clogs in the plumbing lines.  It is recommended to use a water alarm when you are away from the Unit for extended periods of time in addition to having someone check on your Unit periodically.  Water alarms sit on the ledge of fixtures and will make loud noise like a smoke alarm when water touches the base of them.  Water alarms can be purchased at hardware stores.
Safety & Security
  • Vehicles: lock them and do not leave anything visible inside that would tempt a thief to break in such as sunglasses, boxes, bags or anything at all
  • Bikes and Boards: it is highly recommended to not store “high end” items that are expensive, even if approved by the Board – a thief will target them and cut high end locks
  • Garage Lobby Doors: close these at sunset
  • Garage Gates: ensure these close before driving away
  • Lobby Doors, Courtyard Gates and Garage Gates: ensure they close behind you and don’t allow strangers to enter
If anyone else tries to enter Le Rondelet, please speak with them or contact either the Le Rondelet Staff or the Police; call 911, or for non-emergencies call 619-531-2000.
Recycling and Trash Disposal
Only recycle clean plastic and glass bottles & containers, food & beverage cans and cartons as well as paper and cardboard.  Plastic bags are not recyclable, only use paper bags.  If you don't have a paper bag, then dump the recyclables loosely down the chute.  If in doubt, throw it out in the trash.
Trash and recycling chutes are located on each floor – trash chutes at either end of the walkways, and recycling chutes in the center of the building.  Blue bins for battery recycling are located in laundry rooms or next to the recycling chutes.  Please note the list of recyclable materials posted next to the recycling chutes.  The onsite manager can assist with disposing of oversized items.
Due to noise restrictions, trash and recycling chutes should not be used between 9:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m.  Boxes of any size must not be put down the recycling or trash chutes.  To dispose of boxes, take them to the garage and place them in the recycling bin adjacent to the main elevator lobby.  Homeowners or tenants responsible for a clog in a trash or recycling chute may be charged for clearing the clog.  (Para. 12, R&R)
Work Orders
If you report a problem to Nick, such as a hot water issue, a broken washer or any other Common Area issue at Le Rondelet, Nick has the ability to generate a “Work Order” to document and track this issue through to completion.
Homeowners or tenants may reserve the Cabana for social functions by contacting the Building Manager.  Reserving the Cabana requires a $50 deposit.  A $25 fee for setup and cleaning may be charged.  Cabana hours are from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and until 11:00 p.m., Fridays, Saturdays and before holidays.  If liquor is served, proof of insurance that includes liquor liability coverage is required.  (Para. 14, R&R)
Unit Renovations
Owners may renovate and remodel the living area of their units, provided the work does not disturb the structural integrity of the building or its electrical, plumbing, TV cable, telephone, ventilation, and fire alarm systems.
Renovations, other than emergencies, are permitted between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Mondays through Saturdays only. Renovation work on Sundays and holidays is prohibited without Board approval.
The Le Rondelet Homeowners Association has extensive rules governing renovation, architectural and design control of Units.  Please familiarize yourself with Article 7, CC&R, and Paragraph 9, R&R for further guidance.
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